If you are into active and fast paced sports then the Nike Hyper Dunk is the shoe for you. This latest offering from Nike was launched with a catchy slogan “ask somebody” and the promotion was pretty aggressive with the images of this slogan staring at you from the bus stops and print media.

The Nike Hyper Dunk is made out of excellent material to ensure that they are extremely light on the feet and can claim to have met the requirements of a basket ball player to the maximum.

Let us look at some of its attributes in greater detail.

a) Feeling of Comfort – You can make out the superb toughness of the shoe the moment you pick it up and will soon realize that it is extremely light. When you slip it on, it is as if you have hardly worn anything on your feet. In a game like basketball, where the accent is on constant pivoting, jumping and landing on the hard court, shoes like the Nike Hyper Dunk is the ideal one for you. Wearing these shoes will not inhibit you at all from making those high jumps for the ball and you will give the game your best, secure in the feeling that you cannot get hurt and there will be no stress on your feet.

b) Appearance – The vivid streaks across the shoe along with the trendy design makes these shoes visually very striking. They truly combine great looks with performance. The fact that Nike has a reputation of coming out with more and more innovative designs and styles augurs well for the Nike Hyper Dunk as you can now look forward to shoes that can not only meet your exacting performance criteria, but can also satisfy your desire for striking appearance.

c) Performance – You need to try out the Nike Hyper Dunk to truly experience the difference between this shoe and the ones you have been accustomed to all along. These shoes really give you a professional look when you combine a black one with a similar color jersey. They enable superb body weight control and you get a very secure feeling around your ankles. Jumping high and landing comfortably is no longer a luxury with these shoes. You are able to move quickly on your feet, so pivoting to take the ball and move on becomes very easy.

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