You’re never going to be a total success at what you do until you make a commitment to become excellent at it.

Although I’ve tried to include as much relevant information in my e-book as possible, I might have missed out something really important! Even if I haven’t at the time of writing, things move on so quickly in the Internet world that unless you keep up-to-date with the latest happenings, search engine optimization news and technological developments on a weekly basis, you’ll be aiming an old product at an old audience. It’ll only take you twenty minutes a week, but it may arm you with the knowledge and awareness to amend a significant part of your business strategy.

Three of the top resources that I regularly refer to are:

Webmaster World is dedicated to helping website administrators do business on the Internet. It’s basically a massive forum for members to share and gain knowledge of operating and promoting a website. The great thing about the site is that it’s maintained by voluntary subscription and not advertising. This means that it’s completely independent. Posters aren’t even allowed to discuss specific URL’s (which doesn’t make it as difficult as you may think once you get used to it). Webmaster World describes itself as ‘part of your extended site development and process team’.

Site Pro News is en excellent RSS feed, email newsletter and resource site aimed at webmasters. In their own words: ‘We are dedicated to meeting the needs of novice and professional webmasters by providing the best collection of software tools, general resources and expert articles available on the Web today. Our mission is to make SPN a one-stop repository of practical information and useful applications for webmasters who are looking to enhance their web sites and/or their understanding of Web business trends.’

Webmaster Radio does exactly as the domain name suggests… brings the Webmaster business community together through an interactive, Internet based radio network. As well as offering streaming audio aimed at website business developers, they are putting together an excellent archive of previous shows. Regular shows streamed and available for download include ‘Affiliate Marketing Today’ by Commission Junction and ‘Power Source’ hosted by Yahoo Search.

The importance of keeping your ear to the ground

In addition you need to keep your ear to the ground to become aware of any other new essential sources of cutting edge web news. Be prepared to continually reconsider your business model and test new methods on a regular basis. You may have to invest in cutting edge products like AdSense Videos by Michael Cheney and the Insider Internet Marketing Secrets by Derek Gehl to stay ahead of the rest of the pack.

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