Research is easier when you know exactly where to go to find what you need. Whether it’s ideas or facts you need, they are more easily found when you are familiar with your resources and know what you will find where. That means you want authoritative and comprehensive ones that you can go to time after time. You should also find one or two that are specific to your niche. Here are three all purpose treasure troves to add to your arsenal.


You will have a hard time NOT finding what you are looking for here. This is one of the oldest and most authoritative sites on the internet, and you are guaranteed to find something useful. It is incredibly easy to navigate: ‘Search’ is right there at eye level when you open up. This could be your one-stop-shop for a lot of your projects. If not, you’ll find that it’s an Energizer Bunny; lists of related links for any topic just keep on going.

2. How Stuff Works

Here’s another goldmine. It’s name suggests that it might have a more mechanical outlook, and it does do a good job with those topics, but there is plenty of general information, as well. Again, it could well be a one-stop-shop considering the wealth of information available.


This is a dark horse. The site is a recent discovery and hasn’t been explored enough to guarantee its merit and usefulness, but it looks promising. It’s about blogs and forums, videos, photos, and more. Don’t look for facts; it’s all about opinion, includes politics and religion, etiquette, polls and surveys, and seems to be a no holds barred environment.

This is where you’ll find what people are thinking, what they want to know about, the problems they have, and what interests them. When you know those things, you know what to write about!

You will have to navigate the menu to explore the site because there is no real home page. The tab on the menu takes you to your own page if you have signed up or to a page where you can join. It’s something of a join or else scenario… but it is free.

Even though you may know enough about a subject to write an article without further research, you may also find that a couple of angles you hadn’t thought of could spice up your writing and give it that extra spark that makes readers find it interesting.

When you have trouble thinking of topics to write about, just browsing these sites should solve your problem quickly, including how to write multiple articles on the same subject.

Don’t make an easy job hard. Doing research is a pleasure when you know where to look.

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