Part I – In the Beginning

Maybe about 30 years ago there existed just a few – very few – crystal skulls known in the world – one in a Museum in Paris (came out in the 1860’s), another in a museum in London (there since 1898 but purportedly also discovered in the 1860’s) and then what is known today as “The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love” (out since 1924 from Belize in Central America). Up until the middle 1980’s these were the key crystal skulls.

However everything changed in the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s. Here is kind of a news flash summary of what is going on now:

1) Several crystal skulls determined to be what is called “ancient” (that means either from 1-2,000 years in their creation or older) started to rush out in the late 1989’s to mid-1990’s and it hasn’t stopped since:

a) Max, a 16 lb. clear quartz skull from Guatemala which is healing people and traveling almost every weekend (Joann Parks, guardian, Houston, Texas)

b) ET, a human sized smoky quartz skull found on the property of a Mayan family in 1906 in Guatemala was sold to Joky van Dieten and in 1991 and helped her heal a brain tumor, still in her hands

c) Late 1980’s via famed crystal skull researcher F. R. ‘Nick’ Nocerino via a Mayan Priest in Mexico sees two large quartz skulls (amethyst and clear quartz with circular indentation in the temples) one is last heard with a lawyer in Texas and the amethyst was sold to an individual August 2009, but the new owner has not announced himself, the Mayan Priest sold both skulls (or received a loan never re-paid)

d) Hollow Skulls – there are tens of crystal skulls coming out of the ground in Mexico in all kinds of sizes and shapes coming out of Mexico, I have personally seen several, the first one I saw was in 1999 in Sedona, AZ with Dael Walker, who has Madre and Rainbow, two small clear quartz skulls he believes is ancient – the Smithsonian Institute has a very large hollow skull (left on their doorstep and shown on the 1996 BBC program Everyman, episode, “Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls” – and more of these skulls are coming out all the time.

e) Synergy – a 16 lb. large clear quartz skull – gifted to a European Gem collectors in the 1980’s by a family in Ecuador that received it from a nun who said it came from an ancient civilization. Now with Sherry Whitfield in AZ and traveling the world. A man she met in England said when he showed a photo of Synergy to a tribe of people in Australia, they recognized the skull and said they guarded it over 1000 years ago. Synergy doesn’t look like a human skull but is more like an animal.

f) hundreds of non-quartz skulls are coming out of China and Mongolia – we even have one which was uncovered in Mongolia when they were digging in a ground to build a dam. Have also seen Jade Skulls and a Jade Skeleton also perhaps linked to Mongolia and Genghis Khan – the Jade Skulls have strange system on them.

And there are many more skulls coming out linked to old and ancient ruins – so many it is impossible to keep up with them all – but now lets get down to the real issue at hand – what are these crystal skulls (we will focus on the quartz skulls) all about – why are they such a world mystery and why are they visit to the future?

First the shape of the skull – is this important – oh yes it is – why is this? When you look at a person do you speak to them and look at their hands, their legs – their chest – why of course not. You look at their head because we believe the essence of who we are is linked to the brain, the control center of our body – and also we see an intelligence in a person’s eyes. But also the ancient people felt the shape of the head was linked to the God Head – and in a way from a spiritual perspective they are right – because our true essence is spirit and consciousness and our spirit works through our brain to experience this world and move our bodies. But also we believe the shape of our head – its form, just like a pyramid is a receptacle to receive universal knowledge and information.

Therefore if we create a crystal skull which matches the shape of a human skull, as many of the very old or ancient skulls do quite well, then it will contain these proprieties to be a knowledge receptacle but also being comprised of quartz crystal (which is a transmitter and receiver of various frequencies of energy) will amplify its ability to hold information and also to send out healing energies to the people around it. Can you imagine what energy might be stored in a crystal skull that has existed for thousands upon thousands of years. And since quartz is recording also all the events that happening around it as well (just like a video camera) imagine what kind of knowledge could be recorded inside. The crystal skulls were the first computers far before we developed the ones we have now which still re-lie on quartz crystals to work.

Now what has taken place recently is that even before the Indiana Jones film, many people all of a sudden decided to get their own crystal skulls. Starting in the middle part of the 1990’s this phenomena happened and now on e-bay you can find hundreds or thousands of crystal skulls for sale (but don’t believe the claims about the authenticity by all the sellers). People are using crystal skulls for their personal meditations, to improve their sleep or dreams, to have more energy or focus in their life and even to enhance their creative and psychic gifts. People are working with crystal skulls to store special energies from sacred sites they visit, or to re-active old sites by going their and meditation. World Peace Meditations are being conducted working with crystal skulls to amplify the energies sent out by the meditators.

(This article is part of a two part article – in the second part we will delve more into theories about how the crystal skulls might have been created, a summary of personal scientific and paranormal research we have conducted and some personal stories. Part II will appear here in my author’s section. )


Joshua Shapiro is known as a Crystal Skull Explorer. He has been involved with the crystal skulls for 27 years since 1983. He is the co-author of two books, “Mystery of the Crystal Skulls Revealed” (with Bowen & Nocerino) and Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers (earlier versions with Blue Arrow Rainbow EagleWoman & the current edition with Katrina Head, his current partner).


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