Promoting business and trade at international level involves winning tenders overseas. However, not understanding the tender requirements and the requisites for winning it could end up disastrously for the bidder. A bidder should know about the active Afghan tenders to bid for one in such countries. Some great opportunities are offered by the current active Afghanistan tenders. Best opportunities currently come in the field of iron ore procurement that are likely to commence in 2014 and for which tenders are already floating. Modern day tenders have become comprehensive and complex and knowing the requirements is extremely essential for winning one.

Promoting international trade involves bidding for and winning tenders overseas. In the past there have been several instances where parties concerned got involved into legal issues and tussles and finally made a deal in compromise. A country like Afghanistan offers a potential field for improving the overseas business prospects. At the same time it could bring up several legal issues in question. Learning about active Afghanistan tenders and their legal aspects would help the prospective bidders make the right decision.

Active Afghanistan Tenders Online and Offline
It is the Afghanistan task force for investment and reconstruction that posts information on active tenders either on the web or the electronic and print media. Many websites have entered into active partnership with them for floating such tenders online. Many websites also make it a point to email their clients about the currently active Afghan tenders. Some of them offer such information on the contracting and exporting to Afghanistan pages while others provide the information on their Business opportunity pages. Since most of these websites are updated on hourly basis, they also make it a point to periodically delete all the closed opportunities keeping a brief summary of such tenders for the reference of the clients.

Great Opportunities
Some of the Afghanistan tenders offer real great opportunities for the bidders. For instance; the recent upcoming tenders on massive iron ore deposits in the country could be very rewarding for the bidders, especially overseas. Despite the worsening insurgencies in the country, it offers a promising security for the investors from all parts of the world. However, investors from neighboring countries will always remain at an advantage in comparison to those from distant countries.

Afghanistan Tenders in Iron Ore Procurement
Of course the production is likely to commence only by 2014 but the reserves have been estimated at a staggering $350 billion that is a highly lucrative prospect for overseas investors. Located at around 100 Kilometers west of Kabul, the Hajigak iron ore deposits has the largest deposit and the Ministry of Mines has opened up the opportunities for the prospective bidders now.

In recent years the tendering processes have become comprehensive as well as complex for the bidders world over. Involving some steps and procedures that tendering parties are required to undertake; tenders today also contain numerous pre-conditions. Failure on the part of the bidder to fulfill even any one of them could result disastrously in the bidder’s failure to win the tender.

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