Italy is known for its finely crafted shoes. The reason behind the reputation is evident; as you can see some of the best shoe brands around the world have their roots in Italy. Italy is the place of the finest shoe-makers in the world, which are excellent in quality and design.

If you want to buy a shoe for your kid, then it is best that you search for Italian shoe brands. Their shoes are made of very good quality rubber or leather which are soft and have special micron tissues that help in ventilation within the school shoes, thus keeping your child’s feet comfortable and dry all day long.

Geox is one such Italian shoe brand which is reputed all around the world for its finely crafted footwear for kids. The company was first founded by Mario Moretti Polegato, who is said to have discovered the trademark ventilated shoe design of Geox, for which the brand is reputed for across the world. It is said that Mario Moretti Polegato was jogging one day, when he felt very tired and his feet became very hot and sweaty in his jogging shoes.

This made him punch a few holes on his shoes, in order to make natural ventilation in his jogging shoes, so that when sweat accumulated in his shoe it would evaporate soon, thus leaving his feet cool and dry. Mario felt that ventilation was essential in shoes and thus went on to improve this technology in shoe-making, until he finally launched Geox, his own footwear line, which is reputed for the shoes that are known to breathe. This is achieved by a micro porous membrane that the shoes are made of, which is soft and comfortable at the same time.

This membrane allows air to pass through the shoes, thus letting the sweat and moisture evaporate, keeping the feet dry. It also has special soles made from the best quality rubber or foam, which give great pressure support to the feet, thus making you feel light and comfy all the time. Geox shoes are best for children, because children tend to wear shoes for a long time during school or sporting activities. Also because the feet of the children are very sensitive, you need to take care while choosing shoes for them.

Your child should also need a good sole for excellent grip during his/her sports activities. All this and much more can be found in Geox footwear line for children. All you need to do is online portals and shop for your kids shoes.

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