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Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Video Games and Simulations for Designing Learning Experiences for Nursing Student and Educators

Background: Technological programs, video games and simulations are already drastically incorporated into the traditional educational process. Lately, the hobby in investigating video games and simulation use in nursing education has been amplified. The alteration, from lecture-targeted to student-targeted environments and the growing use of video games as innovative mastering technology, needs a renovation in nursing schooling. In regard to this, video games and simulations are projected to play an crucial part in the nursing mastering system. Virtual simulation and gaming provide a sustainable agen slot online, moneymaking coaching opportunity for nursing students and nursing educators.

Objectives: The purpose of this paper is to speak about gift Advantages and Disadvantages of using video games and simulation for designing getting to know stories for nursing.

Methods: An digital database seek became carried out of five digital databases PubMed, CINAHL, Web of Science, Embase, and Google Scholar (January, 2007 – December, 2019) confined to English. Studies that talk utility of video games and/or simulation for designing learning studies for nursing students and educators.

Results: The search approach recognized 168 papers of which 34 had been retrieved for full overview. Nineteen articles were removed based at the exclusion/inclusion criteria, leaving 18 articles for very last evaluation. During this literature review this author referred to 3 key advantages and three key disadvantages.

Keywords: Games; Simulations; Learning experiences; Nursing; Education

The time period online game normally means the interaction of games played making use of a specialized digital device or any other kind of display that it’s miles programmed on (online game, n.D.). The time period ‘online game,’ has been recorded in history as early as 1948 with the invention of the “Cathode-Ray Tube Amusement tool” (Brookhaven National Library, n.D.). This specific tool applied manual photos located on the display as an overlay and the game become performed under the overlay. In 1952 the primary recorded, full-screen video game, with out the image overlay, was advanced and titled “OXO” or a model of tic-tac-toe (Brookhaven National Library, n.D.) This tool absolutely displayed the processed output of a recreation onto a display. As the years and eventually many years improved, video games have progressed from some thing this is performed casually, to simulations, academic video games, and full virtual reality types of video games. Although in earlier instances, video games had the stigma of being for natural enjoyment fee only, the literature has conveyed the utilization of video games, especially in nursing, as early as the 1980’s [1]. This changed into preceded with the idea of a couple of constraints with video video games to apply in nursing schooling. The primary reasoning turned into deeply rooted inside the nursing lifestyle from the founder Florence Nightingale of being educated in the classroom and supported that method of schooling for nursing [1]. Secondary reasoning for the resistance to the usage of video games in education stemmed around the lack of information and research surrounding them as being applied as an educational device for nursing college students. That is the primary cause of this paper, no longer to expose that video games can be applied as a tool inside the nursing schooling scheme, but rather to demonstrate particular benefits and disadvantages of utilizing video games as provided inside the articles based totally upon the usage of gaming as an accessory inside the schooling of nursing students.

A literature search was conducted in ways. First a systematic literature seek became conducted the usage of six popular health science databases. Secondly a Google Scholar (http://scholar.Google.Com/) seek turned into performed. The second search allowed the researcher to discover greater guides in a much less established manner. During the second search, abstracts have been reviewed carefully, as this database presents greater low- pleasant material. The seek changed into performed to answer the studies query: What benefits and drawbacks of the usage of video games and simulations for designing gaining knowledge of reports for the nursing pupil and educators are discussed in modern literature? An digital seek become carried out of the posted research studies inspecting the benefits and disadvantages of using video video games and simulations for designing getting to know stories for the nursing scholar and educators. Electronic databases included: PubMed, Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL), Web of Science, and Embase, from January, 2007 to December, 2019. Search terms blanketed: “Video Games” or “Gaming Simulation” AND “Nursing Education”. Articles had been restrained to English. The abstracts of all research studies were reviewed to decide the relevance to the provided topic.

The search of 5 databases yielded 138 articles for screening for capability inclusion. After removing reproduction articles and those not associated with the topic, a total of 34 research have been reviewed in depth for eligibility. The 34 articles were reviewed based on inclusion and/or exclusion standards, yielding 18 articles covered in this evaluate (Figure 1). Illustrates the take a look at choice procedure. Fifteen articles have been tested to create a list of capability benefits and drawbacks of the use of video games and simulations for designing mastering reports for nursing college students and educators.

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